Speed in the Game of Chess

Speed in the Game of Chess

1. It’s not a game for slow minds,

But a battle ground for strong kinds;

Never always for the best move the finger finds.

With tricks always at the hind,

It becomes the chess game’s immortal rind.

How alarming the speed at which the brain winds,

While fighting the ‘one more game’ mental bind,

Oops! An hour is gone.

As the clock sometimes leave you behind with more materials,

One plays the clock and not the board;

Middle games spiced with intermezzos becomes admirable;

Premoving becomes invaluable;

Trusting intuition not lines becomes commendable;

Banking time early becomes reasonable;

Flagging checks becomes laudable.

The race to avoid the flag begins,

May the best flagger win!

2. Living up to its name, known for its speed

Even though some say the famed ‚ÄĚspeed kills”,

On the 64-squared street, a word is anagrammed – becomes “speed skill”

Cherry-on-top skill adds to critical thinking

Skill that comes at a cost 

A cost of adrenaline in place of blood in the heart pump

0.0 to 0.0 but you lost

Lost on time with the realization that time is precious

Even to the tiniest millisecond

Behold! Time pauses with the dynamism of pre-moves

Where speed of mind and body is used

The queen, the rook? Who do I sac?

I can’t decide, I fling the two!

Check! Check!! I bought myself enough time to escape the flag!

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