Top 10 Chess Sets Under $100

Top 10 Chess Sets Under $100

The importance of a quality chess set in a chess game cannot be overemphasized. Chess is a mentally tasking game. Therefore, the physical components like the playing surface must be up to standard. However, this does not mean you must break the bank to get a standard chessboard. There are quality chess sets under $100 that will serve you excellently.

10. Original 15″ Magnetic Chess Board Set

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Image: Amazon

If you’re in the market for chess sets under $100 that players of every age group can enjoy, then the AGREATLIFE’s Original 15″ Magnetic Chess Board Set is the best fit for you.

The board is a full-size chessboard with a measurement of 15 by 15 inches. The pieces are made in classic Staunton style with handcrafted quality wood. The artistry in creating the pieces is evident as the chess pieces are all well-cut and defined. Another perk of the chess set is that it is perfect for travel. It is foldable and has a compartment where the chess pieces can be stored.

The chess pieces are also magnetic, making them perfect for teaching young children as they are not easily knocked over.

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9. ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set

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Image: Amazon

The ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set is a huge steal when you consider the work put into its creation and the fact that it costs under 50 dollars!

The chess board is made of wood, and it is in standard tournament-style Staunton build. The board measures 15.6 by 15.6 inches and has a compartment for each chess piece, so you don’t have to worry about them getting scattered.

This chess set is also perfect for travel as it comes with a carry bag that can accommodate the entire board, so you can play chess anywhere and anytime you want.

You might be the only one without this chess set, so get it HERE

8. USAOPOLY Game of Thrones Collector’s Chess Set

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Image: BigBadToyStore

Lovers of themed chess sets will love this beautiful set from USAOPOLY. It is a themed chess set modeled after the famous HBO TV series: Game Of Thrones.

The chess pieces are all modeled after characters in the series. The appeal of this chess set, along with its artistic style and low price, is why it makes our list of chess sets under $100

7. StonKraft Collectible Folding Wooden Chess Game Board Set with Magnetic Crafted Pieces

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This chess board from StonKraft is a foldable wooden board that measures 12 by 12 inches and is made of Indian Rosewood and Boxwood. The chess pieces are well-crafted and durable. With this chessboard, you are sure to get your value for money.

6. Husaria Staunton No. 5 Chessmen with 2 Extra Queens and Wooden Box, 3.5-Inch King

husaria staunton no 5 chessmen with 2 extra queens and wooden box 3 5 king husaria 720x 1
Image: Yellow Mountain Imports

The Husaria Staunton board is one of the best chess sets under $100, with elegant wooden chess board and well-crafted pieces. Each piece is made from durable larch wood of the highest quality that is in line with Staunton standards.

5. Wegiel Handmade Junior European International Chess Set

Image: Amazon

The Wegiel handmade chess set is one to look out for when shopping for chess sets on a budget. The chessboard measures 16 by 16 inches and is made of top-quality beech and birch wood.

The board also folds in half to provide accommodation for its pieces. Every chess piece in the set is felted for smooth movement on the board.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Weigel Handmade chess set.

Get this magnificent set HERE

4. Wooden Folding Paris BLUEBERRY Chess Set

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Image: Amazon

A list of chess sets under $100 would not be complete without adding a vintage chess set. The Paris Blueberry chess set measures 14 by 14 inches and is made of quality hornbeam wood painted in an attractive royal blue color. The board is very lightweight, making it excellent for travel.

If you’re lucky enough, you might get it available HERE

3. Brown Senator Chess Set

Chess sets under $100
Image: Amazon

If you’re looking for a cost-effective chessboard that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style, then the Brown Senator Chess Set is for you. The chess pieces are finely carved with clear-cut detail. The King stands measured at an impressive 3½ inches in height, with a 1 ⅜ inch diameter base that serves as support.

The board is also spacious enough for the chess pieces to move around. The chessboard measures 18 ¾ square inches. Regarding portability, the Brown Senator Chess Set is an excellent pick. It has an elegant foldable design that enables you to easily fold it up and fit it in a bag when you want to move around.

These excellent features that the Brown Senator Chess Set possesses are why it makes our list of chess sets under $100.

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2. 3 ¾” MoW Classic Ebonized Executive French Staunton Chess Pieces

3 ¾ MoW Classic Ebonized Executive French Staunton Chess Pieces 768x767 1
Image: ChessEquipments

If you’re looking to purchase an elegant chess set from a recognized brand, then the Mark of Westminster Classic Ebonized Executive French Staunton Chess Pieces is one you cannot overlook. Each chess piece is handcrafted with ebonized Boxwood of the highest quality. For easy movement across the board, all the pieces have weighted felt bottoms.

The artistic style and the cost-effective price of this chess set ensure that a list of chess sets under $100 will not be complete without featuring it.

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1. Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with German Knight in Acacia Wood & Box Wood- 3” King

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Image: ChessBazaar

This beautiful chess set from Chess Bazaar promises a unique chess experience. The whole build of the chess piece radiates elegance and shows the artistic expertise that went into its creation.

The dark chess pieces are crafted from Sheesham wood, while the lighter ones are made of Boxwood. It should be noted that the pieces are made from the highest quality Sheesham and Boxwood.

The entire chess pieces are well carved and highlighted according to their role on the board. The king is 3 inches in height and has a 1.2-inch diameter with an iron stud to give it extra weight and balance. Every chess piece has a thick green felt underneath to provide smooth movement across the board.

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