The Best 50 Chess Websites And Their Uses

We present you with a comprehensive list of 50 chess websites you should use.

The Best 50 Chess Websites And Their Uses

The game of chess is one that requires constant study. To become a good chess player, you have to follow the game with utmost dedication. The major means for study in the old days were chess books, however, in today’s world, chess websites have provided an excellent avenue for players to improve their chess knowledge.

This article will go over 50 amazing chess websites and what they offer chess players.


Chess websites: logo is the number 1 platform for online chess. It provides chess players with educational and instructional chess materials to aid their chess improvement. The site caters for total newbies and teaches them how to play chess. also provides an excellent gaming and learning experience with its app.

On the app, you can watch tournaments featuring elite players like Magnus Carlsen. The website also has an online forum where chess players can meet to discuss.


Chess websites
Chess websites: logo

Lichess is currently one of the most popular chess websites in the world. One amazing feature of lichess is that it is 100% free. It provides educational puzzles, engine-powered analysis, tournament coverage, and an excellent gaming platform, all for free!

You also get the chance to play grandmasters who are the creme de la creme of chess. Lichess allows for tournament arenas where players of all levels train and play against each other. Join one of these arenas and you might get the chance to play against an actual grandmaster.


1200px logo.svg
Chess websites: Chess24 logo

Chess24 is a chess website that has language options ranging from English, and Spanish to German. On chess24, you can play online chess with players of every rating level, from beginners to super grandmasters.

Chess24 also has a YouTube channel where you can catch up on chess tournaments worldwide. They recently covered the 2022 candidates tournament that determined who would be the next challenger to the world chess championship title.


Sparkchess is a chess website that provides chess enthusiasts with an excellent online chess playing experience, they also have a variety of chess boards to suit the players’ taste.


Aimchess is a chess website that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized training to chess players. With the special AI coach, Aimchess identifies your weaknesses and helps you improve your chess skills.


Wolf Chess is a chess website tailor-made to help chess players build their ratings. The website helps players to identify their current chess strengths and abilities and explains how to improve on them through a well-detailed process.


Play Magnus recently got acquired by

Play Magnus helps you to improve through a step-by-step process, using artificial intelligence to guide you on your chess improvement journey.

With Play Magnus, you get to play against a bot that uses the strength of current world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen in 30 different skill levels.


Fide Online Arena is the official gaming platform for the world chess governing body (FIDE). On the online arena you can play games against thousands of chess players worldwide and the titles awarded in the arena are recognized by FIDE.


The Internet Chess Club (ICC) offers online chess gameplay along with instructional chess videos. The language options available are: English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Looking for friendly and interactive chess websites? Look no further than Chessworld. They provide a friendly online playing site that encourages chat between games, they have even hosted real-life social events.


365chess has one of the biggest online chess game databases. They also make use of advanced tools for both beginner and advanced levels.


Redhotpawn is a correspondence chess website. This means that you are not restricted by time limits and you have the liberty to take as much time as you can to think and decide on the best move.

Redhotpawn also provides a very attractive interface that gives online chess a whole new experience.


chessbase gmbh vector logo 1
Chess websites: Chessbase logo

Chessbase distinguishes itself from other chess websites with the standard they set in chess software development, it maintains and sells large-scale databases containing the moves of recorded chess games. Chessbase is very popular among the chess community.

ChessBase’s Indian YouTube channel ChessBase India has amassed more than a million YouTube subscribers and more than 671 million total views as of November 2022. Every top-level player uses Chessbase.


logo@1600px 1 1
Chess websites: logo

Chessable offers a variety of courses on different aspects of the game, ranging from openings to middlegames and endgames, and others.

They also make it easy for you to find courses on any aspect of chess you want to improve upon. To do that, you can search through courses via the filter. So if you are interested in courses on the Ruy Lopez you can simply type it in the search filter and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

15. is an online chess website that allows its site members to play games against each other. All you need to do to become a site member is to register. They also provide tailored training programs to take your chess to the next level.

16. is a free online chess server that offers both live (real-time) and correspondence (turn-based) chess using only your web browser.

They also offer various chess variants including Chess960, as well as an exciting new variant called Apollo Chess.


If you are a chess player that enjoys visual training, then chessmood is the place for you. Chessmood is a video course website that provides high-quality chess courses to improve your game.


Chess websites are not all about courses and programs, special chess websites like help to scan and analyze chess positions.


Chessentials is the Pioneer among chess websites in Croatia. They are a chess blog that focuses on everything chess-related.


1200px Fidelogo.svg 1
Chess websites: logo

FIDE is the world’s governing chess body. On the FIDE website, you can find up-to-date and accurate information regarding the world of chess.


2700chess is a free chess website that provides you with live ratings and rankings of the world’s elite chess players.


keen logo 1
Chess websites: logo

Keenchess is one of the chess websites developed to help chess enthusiasts significantly improve their skills and knowledge of the game. An added incentive that Keenchess provides is that it allows its users to learn and earn money.


ChessforSharks Logo transparent light fused 1
Chess websites: logo

Chessforsharks is an informative and educative chess website with numerous articles aimed at educating chess players of different capabilities, about the beautiful game.

Unlike many chess websites, Chessforsharks is also a content marketing agency with expertise in content creation, marketing, and branding.


Chessfox is another excellent chess website that provides structured chess training for individuals. They also have an excellent 10-day challenge that will greatly improve your chess ability.


The chess world is a website that provides comprehensive chess content, strategy lessons, deeply analyzed positions and games, and lots more.


download 6

Chess websites have grown to provide a wide range of chess-related services. Decode chess is not your everyday chess website. They use an analysis tool to explain the reasons behind engine-suggested moves.


Followchess is a chess website that allows you to view and follow live chess games from top international tournaments.


worldchess logo

World chess is a chess website that provides a wide range of chess-related services. You can watch top chess events live, read news and also play chess games online. They have served as sponsors for FIDE World Chess Championships.


Chessgoal is a community of chess individuals that are looking to improve their chess abilities. By joining Chessgoal, your  your chess ability is guaranteed to significantly improve.


The Week In Chess was founded in 1994 and they publish free weekly chess news.


The Remote Chess Academy is a website that helps build your chess strength from beginner level to expert.


ChessCafe has been around since 1996. They publish endgame studies, book reviews, and other chess-related articles.


Chess Bomb is a chess website you can use to view live tournament games and understand them with the help of top engine analysis that the website provides.


Very few chess websites operate like Chess Tech. They are a free website that provides you with the latest technology news in the chess community.


Kingpin Chess Magazine is a chess review website that delivers chess news in a humorous style. With Kingpin Chess Magazine, you’re sure to learn about the happenings in the world of chess and have a laugh while you’re at it.


Chess-results is a server where you can find thousands of chess results from games played in tournaments and by players of various strengths.



Chesssite offers you everything you need to learn about chess. They also provide tips on the best chess products available in the market.


Chess Daily News brings you updated, accurate, and verified chess news from around the globe on a daily basis.


Chessfort is one of the internet’s best collections of chess resources. At Chessfort, players are provided with a wide range of chess materials to help them sharpen their chess skills.


Created by Grandmaster Simon Williams, provides a library of easy-to-follow chess courses.


icnet 2 offers chess lessons from chess grandmasters and other chess players. They also serve as an intermediary that sells chess products and courses from other production houses.


What better way to learn chess than from chess websites whose authors have substantial chess experience? This is why the Alberto Chueca Blog is an excellent chess website. This blog is owned by International Master Albert Chueca to help young chess players greatly improve their chess skills.


Square off is an online chess website where you can shop for various chess materials.



Skyline chess provides chess enthusiasts with a variety of architecturally crafted chess sets to shop from the comfort of their homes.


Chessexpress aims to provide affordable chess services that connect chess and life and shows the relationship between both of them, for the purpose of educating and sharpening the mind.


Chess Parents is a chess website that educates parents on how to cultivate an interest in chess in their kids. They also provide tips on how parents can relax and reduce stress.


Looking for where to shop for chess products? Maybe a chess board or a chess clock? Then Chessbazaar is the place for you. Chessbazaar is an online shop where you can get chess products at very affordable prices.


Most grandmasters today started playing chess at a very tender age. If you want your kids to have a shot at achieving this feat, then you have to check out Chess at Three. They are a chess website that puts the love of chess in the minds of children from a very young age.


You might be surprised to know that there are chess websites that are specifically created for a particular state. Well, Utah Chess is one of them. Utah Chess was created to help chess players in the state of Utah connect with each other.


download 7

Chesscube is a chess platform that offers a smooth and enjoyable interface where its members can enjoy playing games against each other.

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The game of chess can be learned in many different ways, while in the past it used to be through books and few other methods, in the present day, chess education can be gotten from many sources and one of the main conduits is chess websites.

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