Your chance to play two grandmasters on chess24

Here’s your chance to play 2-time French Champion Laurent Fressinet and 4-time Polish Champion Mateusz Bartel on chess24!

On Sunday chess24 will be hosting simuls with two top grandmasters and here’s your chance to join!

First up is our own GM Laurent Fressinet, one of World Champion Magnus Carlsen’s seconds for his World Championship matches, who will be playing a simul with 30 minutes plus a 30-second increment per move. The simul takes place at 18:00 CET on Sunday October 25.

The other simul is by 4-time Polish Champion Mateusz Bartel. His simul will be played on Sunday at 22:00 CET with the time control of 30 minutes plus a 30-second increment per move.

Each ticket for the simuls cost €50, but we have three ways to secure your spot in the simul:

  • Comment on this article, with the first five premium players gifted one spot
  • Premium members can secure a spot with a 50% discount with a code. Send your chess24 username to
  • The first few new Premium members will get a spot

Here’s the link for Laurent:

Here’s the link for Mateusz:

For a complete overview of forthcoming events on chess24, check out our brand new chess calendar, which includes details of each event.

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