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Radosław Wojtaszek and Jan-Krzysztof Duda will be representing Poland in Wijk aan Zee so there’s no better time for the launch of chess24 in Polish! 4-time Polish Chess Champion Mateusz Bartel will be leading Polish live commentary on the tournament, and he also talked to both Radek and Janek before battle commenced.  

Although last year many events, including chess tournaments,
were cancelled, chess is entering 2021 with the traditional Tata Steel Masters
tournament. We’re happy both that the tournament is taking place (even if in a reduced
format), and that among the 14 players are two Polish grandmasters.
Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Radosław Wojtaszek are neither among the ranking
favourites nor the outsiders. Depending on their form, either of them could
join the fight for the top spots.

Both Radek and Janek agreed to reveal a few of their secrets
right before the start of the event. Let’s begin with Radek.

1. How often have you
played in Wijk aan Zee and which appearance do you remember best?

This will be my third appearance in the Masters group. I
have the best memories of the 2015 edition, when I won games against Magnus
and Fabiano
. I’ll no doubt still recall those games long after the end of my
career. I don’t have such good memories of the final result in that edition and
I’d like to be able to remember this year’s appearance for the place in the
final standings and not for individual wins.

2. What’s most important in such a long tournament?  

Over such a long distance as in Wijk aan Zee, where there are
13 rounds against demanding opponents, the most important thing is to avoid
falling into extremes. You can’t afford either to get carried away after
winning one or two games or to collapse after unsuccessful games.

3. How do you maintain good physical form?

Since I was invited almost at the last minute, I didn’t do my
typical preparation and my physical form may be something of a mystery. However,
during the pandemic I did work on improving my stamina, and I’m in good

4. How do you relax at tournaments: books, films, games, physical

A little of
everything. No doubt books and Netflix. As for moving about, then more
walking than running.

5. Who’s supporting you during Tata Steel Chess 2021?

In Holland there’s my wife, Alina. There’s an interesting
story behind that. Initially, at this time, Alina was supposed to play in the
Women’s Grand Prix in Gibraltar, and I was going to accompany her. Later I was
invited to the Tata Steel Masters, so our plans changed. Ultimately it turned
out that the Grand Prix was postponed and now it’s Alina accompanying me to
Wijk aan Zee rather than me accompanying her to Gibraltar. Also with me is Grzesiek
Gajewski, who’s going to help me with opening preparation. 

With such strong
support there’s nothing left to do but to show my best.  

6. What’s your goal at the tournament?

Planning anything for a tournament as long and strong as
Wijk aan Zee is unrealistic. I’m concentrating on getting satisfaction from
well-played games, and then the results should go hand in hand. The tournament
itself will be an interesting test for me. I want to see if I’m still able to
compete with the opponents I’ve competed with for a long time. Recently I’ve
done a lot of work and I’m curious to see the results when I come up against
strong opponents.  

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