Try out the new chess24 Playzone!

Today we opened up the new chess24 Playzone to all Premium
members. It’s by no means a finished product, but we’d love to have your
feedback on what we hope will be a much faster, more enjoyable experience.
There’s dark mode, resizable boards, a much improved mobile experience as well
as technical changes such as lag compensation – so games won’t be determined by
your internet speed. From 5-6 pm CET each day for a week we’re holding regular giveaways
of mugs, T-shirts and more, while some of our top players will be lurking ready
for a game – all you need to do is play!

The new chess24 Playzone is the one used by the world’s top
players in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and we’ve gradually been inviting
more people to try it out. It’s now time to open it up to all Premium members.
Here’s what you need to do to try it:

Step 1: Getting into the new Playzone

Hover over Play at the top of the chess24 homepage and select
Playzone2 PREVIEW. You may be asked to log out and then back in

Step 2: Choose a game from the Playzone lobby

Here simply click one of the time controls to be
automatically paired against another player looking to play at the same speed.
For instance, “1 Bullet” will get you a game where you have 1 minute to make
all your moves, while “3+2 Blitz” means you and your opponent have 3 minutes
each, but also 2 seconds added after every move.

You can also play any of our computer opponents. If you’d
prefer a different time control, e.g. to play Magnus at bullet chess, click the
“Custom Game” tab and you’ll find far more options.

Try it out and win prizes!

Until the Playzone is open to everyone it’s going to take longer than usual to get paired for a game, so as an incentive to get more people playing we’re going to be raffling off prizes at random each day at 5-6pm CET until March 10th. All you have to do to enter is play some chess, and you might bump into some of our resident experts, including Laurent Fressinet, Jan Gustafsson, Pepe Cuenca and David Martinez.


How can I try dark mode?

Dark mode, board themes and more are available by clicking the Settings button at the top right corner, which opens the new settings dialog.

Why does it take longer to get paired?

We are allowing access to play in stages, so pairings can take a while. This will improve as more people join the Playzone.

How can I give feedback?

Your feedback is extremely important to us, so please share your thoughts and ideas by using the blue ‘feedback’ button on the right side of the screen.

What about my rating?

The new ratings algorithm is a work in progress. For now your new Playzone rating is kept entirely separate, so you can test freely.

Is the new Playzone connected to the existing Playzone?

No, they are not connected at the moment, and your games on the new Playzone also won’t be visible in your main chess24 profile. 

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