Top 5 Mobile Chess AppsPeople are busy nowadays – that’s not a secret. That’s why everything needs to be faster and faster today – things have to be managed in-between other things, while commuting, etc. That’s why the smartphone is an indispensable tool for most people today.

Besides the fact that we seem to be in a hurry all the time, we love it when things are easier to do! That’s the reason that people love to use applications on their smartphones – a calendar app, numerous apps for social networks, an app for listening to music and so many more. Applications are often designed to be user-friendly and simplify our lives.

So, if our time is that limited, why not use the smartphone for our hobbies as well? It offers us at least a little time for things that we really enjoy frequently, because it’s quick and easy to do with an application. Is chess your hobby? In this article, you’ll see the best 5 mobile chess apps that allow you to play a little, to improve your skills and to collect some experience, even though your schedule is busy!

#1 of Mobile Chess Apps:

The application featured by offers you anything a busy chess player’s heart desires! It has a user-friendly design which makes the app suitable for kids as well as adults – this is mirrored in the current number of the users of this app: more than 7 million chess players from all over the world use the app!

So, what exactly does this mobile chess app offer to its users?

First of all, you can play chess games against opponents any level! No matter if you’re a total beginner or an experienced player, you can find an opponent that suits your current level perfectly.

Top 5 Mobile Chess AppsIf you need a little training, the app includes a Tactics Trainer with tons of chess puzzles from real games! Moreover, you can watch some video lessons for chess training. Thus, the app enables you to train regularly without any huge effort. An additional feature is that all content is also accessible on the website, so if you play games on the go, you can analyse them later on.

Are you interested in the latest chess news? No problem, read about different tournaments, interesting articles or any other news in the world of chess on the app!

The premium services of the app such as Diamond, Platinum and Gold offer you better access to all the mentioned resources!

The app is available for Android and iOS.

#2 of Mobile Chess Apps:

Top 5 Mobile Chess AppsThe chess24 app is also one of these extremely handy mobile chess apps! You can simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet and play chess on the go.

The large Playzone offers you opposition of any level. There are also several opportunities for some productive chess training. The Chess Tactics Trainer is equipped with a large database of tactical problems for a variety of chess skill levels. Another great training tool is the chance to watch plenty of chess video series! In these video series great chess players like Super-GM Peter Svidler or GM Jan Gustafsson share their professional thoughts on various aspects of the game of chess.

You can also download the chess24 app for your tablet.

On top of that, you don’t even need access to the internet to watch the chess video series! Just download them and watch them offline wherever you want. Who doesn’t know this frustrating experience when you’re looking forward to watching a video on your way, but your internet upsets the plan? Avoid that problem, download the video beforehand and acquire a lot of knowledge offline.

Last but not least, daily news from the chess world is always available on chess24 keeping you up to date. chess24’s chess app is available on Android and iOS.

#3 of Mobile Chess Apps:

Top 5 Mobile Chess AppsMore than 150 thousand chess players use this mobile chess app every day. Hence, you can always play against opposition of your level. The app offers you various time controls like bullet, blitz, classical, and correspondence chess. Furthermore, you can join some arena tournaments and compete against other chess players. Various chess puzzles are also available on the lichess app for your training!

A special feature of this mobile chess app is that plenty of chess variants are supported in online and offline mode! You can play Chess 960, Three-Check, Atomic Chess and so many other variants whenever you want, even without internet. You can also play against the computer or against a friend offline!

This mobile chess app is available in 80 languages for your tablet and smartphone – and it is completely free! Just like the other apps it can be used on Android and iOS devices.

#4 of Mobile Chess Apps: Play Magnus

Top 5 Mobile Chess AppsDon’t miss the unique chance to play against the Prince of Chess and current World Chess Champion – Magnus Carlsen! You think it’s impossible to beat him? Maybe today. But why not travel back in time and play against Magnus at the age of 5? Or at the age of 7? Or at the age of 13, when he became Grandmaster?

Play Magnus is a mobile chess app which allows you to play against Magnus Carlsen at 19 different skills levels based on his skills at given ages. Therefore, you get the chance to learn from the virtual greatest chess player of all times at 19 simulated ages.

With ongoing years, the difficulty level increases starting from the age of 5. The app provides you with many training videos for beginners, intermediate players and advanced players with Magnus Carlsen himself. Some of the videos are free, others need to be purchased.

This app can be used for Android and iOS just like the other aforementioned mobile chess apps.

#5 of Mobile Chess Apps: DroidFish Chess

Top 5 Mobile Chess AppsDroidFish is an Android port of the very strong Stockfish chess engine, combined with a feature-rich graphical user interface. The primary thing you can do with this app is play chess games against the computer!

You can just open the app and start your game immediately. Just specify the playing strength of the engine, the colour you wish to play and the time control and start your game. A nice thing is that the strength of the engine is flexible, so you can choose if you want to play against 0,1% of the strength of the engine up to 100% of its strength.

You have the chance to see the computer’s thinking lines, display book hints, save your games into pgn files and even include comments on specific moves. You can also open previously saved games to go through them again.

DroidFish has a built-in opening book which can be used for most playing positions. Moreover, it can be used as a portable analysis tool, because you have the possibility to setup a position on the go.

Last, but not least, you can also play against a friend or watch two computers playing against each other!


The great thing about mobile chess apps is that you’re not tied to any specific times or places. Just train or play a little wherever and whenever you want! No need to make appointments with busy chess friends, no need to carry any chess equipment with you.

We have presented you 5 out of the many mobile chess apps that are available. There are dozens more chess apps available for the smartphone and tablet on the market. Let us know about your favourite chess app and leave a comment.

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