The 4 FREE Chess Training Websites you MUST know about

What Are The Best Chess Training Shortcuts To Improve Fast?The 4 Free Chess Training Websites You Must Know About

  • Use chess training websites like chess24.
  • Work on tactics for at least 15-20 minutes per day by using chess tactics trainers online.
  • Watch chess videos on various chess training websites.
  • Use online chess analysis tools and databases.

There are tons of great free chess training websites all over the internet but how do you know which are the best?

Fear, not noble chess player as I have now compiled this amazing one-stop article that lists all the high-quality, FREE websites for playing and chess training that you’ll need to know about.

I have seen a lot of pretender chess training websites out there, deceiving eager-to-learn chess fans with fancy marketing and a big Google Ads budget, often wasting valuable chess study time with too many graphics and inefficient software.

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So I decided to combine my 14+ years of competitive chess studying with a night of intensive research → leading to the publication of this comprehensive list of FREE chess training websites.

As always, I recommend that chess players of any level work on tactics at least 15-20 minutes per day. As a player increases in strength, then you want to incorporate more time into your study routine to work with games databases to stay sharp on opening theory.

If you want more advice on how to improve your chess tactics, you should definitely check the new article.

Here’s our list of the best free chess training websites (in no particular order):

Chess Tempo logo is a fantastic go-to spot for chess tactics on the internet.  ChessTempo’s software is incredibly easy to use and highly recommendable for kids.

Be sure to register for an account on Chess Tempo so that as you progress through the tactics, you will be awarded a rating and provided exercises of appropriate difficulty.

ChessTempo also offers extensive endgame training as well as a very large database of chess games at well over 2 million games. You can also play against a strong computer program if you want to test out a few opening lines.

And if you have any questions whatsoever about the site or general chess affairs, the ChessTempo forum is very receptive and informative.  The simplicity of ChessTempo’s site and software is exactly what makes it such an attractive option for online chess training.


ideachess logo

is a very cool site that I stumbled across quite recently and it caused a big impression on me.

One of the cool things about ideachess is that their 70,000+ chess puzzles are defended by a computer program, so if you enter an incorrect solution the computer will play it out against you to prove it!

ideachess is also great for kids, offering a great section on checkmate puzzles.  Another cool feature of ideachess is that you can export the FEN of tactical puzzles, so if you stumble across an excellent idea you can download the sequence and review it later with a friend or class.

The website also uses a rating system to evaluate your continually changing playing/solving strength, which can be very effective for the competitive tournament player in analyzing what is and isn’t working in a training regimen.

The only downside that I have seen at ideachess is that they do not offer a games database, and I am not too sure about their forum since it isn’t very active. For such a young chess training website, ideachess is doing a great job of providing free tools to all playing levels of the chess community.

#3 chess24

chess24 logo

The online chess training platform chess24 offers a comprehensive service providing you with everything a chess player’s heart desires.

There is not only a large platform to play chess online – which allows you to play against an opposition of any level – but also many more opportunities for chess training.

A Chess Tactics Trainer on chess24 helps you to improve your tactical skills with puzzles adapted to your individual level.

Last but not least, chess24 also provides its users with one of the largest game databases on the whole internet and gives every chess trainer the chance to coach his students in the unique coaching area. You can read a lot more reasons why to play chess on chess24 here.


WTHarvery logo

Whether you love the site’s total simplicity or think the front page looks like an eyesore full of random names, is the undisputed #1 most visited site for people looking for chess puzzles.

However, don’t let the lack of graphic design fool you – this is definitely a great hidden resource. is not for the light-hearted/uncommitted chess fan – there is no fluff, games database, forum, endgame tool, or fancy chess tactics software.

Wtharvey is only concerned with real chess puzzles that occurred in real Grandmaster and famous games, and the simplicity of the site enables the viewer to quickly and easily access what they want.

Another great feature is that users can search puzzles by chess opening, making it really easy to study common traps in an opening scheme. Once again if you’re on a slow connection or surfing on a smartphone is a great site to practice some great chess puzzles.

Honorable Mention

While this website contains paid resources, they offer plenty of free gems throughout their platform. provides chess training online for players of all levels whether you want to pay for their programs or take one of their free courses. Personally, we believe their free chess basics training is the best. We’d love for you to take a look into them as well.

What’s your favorite chess training website?

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As always I welcome you, dear readers to comment below and let me know what some of your favorite free chess training websites are so we can continue to expand the article and enhance our chess knowledge together. Thanks for reading!

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