Tani solves Svidler’s puzzle | Clips of the Week

The infectious enthusiasm of 10-year-old Tani Adewumi on spotting the solution to a puzzle posed to him by his coach Peter Svidler took top place on our first Clips of the Week competition, closely followed by Lawrence Trent almost losing his voice as Anish Giri refused to move in Armageddon, and Alexander Grischuk asking “why choose?” to a question on choosing an opening as a beginner. Submit your own clips of the upcoming week to win prizes including 3 weeks of chess24 Premium or a T-shirt of your choice!

Let’s take a look at the top clips of last week!

1. Tani’s epiphany

2. Giri breaks Lawrence

3. Alexander “Thug Life” Grischuk offers advice

4. “Do you want a computer move?” Jan points it out, Jorden played it!

5. What is Lawrence doing? The Tata Steel Chess Armageddon ends in chaos

6. Lawrence praises Jan’s Chessable course… kind of

The prize winners for the Top 3 are asked to contact support@chess24.com to pick up their prizes, while user FirstAce wins the randomly drawn prize!

We’re holding the competition again this week, with the following prizes.

The rules are as follows.

  • The clip (normally 60 seconds or less) must be from this week, Saturday 6th February to Friday 12th February 
  • The clip must be from a chess24 show
  • The clip must either be a Twitch clip or a YouTube link with the time stamp (links to full YouTube shows/commentary will be ignored!)
  • Post the link to the clip in the comments section below

If you’re not sure how to make a clip on Twitch, take a look at this video.

This should be a bumper week for clips since every day we’re going to have live commentary on Magnus and co. competing in the Opera Euro Rapid, while we also have a full program of accompanying events. These are the ones scheduled so far.

So tune in and if you see something memorable don’t forget to clip it to have a chance of winning some some cool prizes!

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