Q&A with GM Simon Williams & IM Richard Palliser

Firebrand English GM Simon “Ginger GM” Williams has teamed
up with renowned theoretician IM Richard Palliser to produce The
Iron English Chessable course
, presenting a dynamic and easy-to-play repertoire
that was a favourite of 3-time World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik. It’s also been
a favourite of Simon’s ever since his father taught him it when he was 6 or 7 years old. At 19:00 CEST this Thursday 1st October both authors will be giving
a Q&A session here on chess24. As a Premium member, you can ask a question
simply by posting it in the comments below.

Simon and Richard’s Chessable course may feature over 22 hours of video, but it’s precisely aimed at teaching a reliable opening for White that doesn’t require deep theoretical knowledge. As Simon comments:

If you’re sick of being caught out in sharp lines when you’re
playing with White and having to remember complex theoretical moves, this is
the perfect opening for you!

It’s a rock-solid system, but anyone who knows Simon knows that he wouldn’t play an opening that doesn’t promise White the chance to attack as well. “Deceptively simple. Decidely lethal” – as it says on the blurb! 

Now’s your chance to quiz the authors on the course or any other subject under the sun! To ask a question simply:

Simon and Richard are waiting for your questions!

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