Q & A with Grandmaster Danny King

How can you improve at chess? It’s an easy question with few
easy answers, but English Grandmaster Danny King believes one “sure-fire way to
improve” is “trying to understand the moves of really strong players”. His new
Chessable course How Good
Is Your Chess?
puts you in the shoes of top players as you try to find the
best moves, and now at 20:00 CEST this Thursday 24th September he’ll be giving
a Q&A session on chess24. As a Premium member, you can ask a question
simply by posting it in the comments below.

English Grandmaster Danny King has been popularising chess
for three decades after first shooting to prominence in the UK as a chess
expert on national TV during the 1993 Kasparov-Short World Championship match.
Since then he’s been a regular commentator at events such as the London Chess
Classic and the Biel Chess Festival, runs a popular YouTube channel and is a
coach and author.

His latest venture is the Chessable course How Good
is Your Chess?
, which you can find on special offer for the next two days.

Danny comments:

When I was growing up as a chess player I used to really
love this chess column called How Good Is Your Chess? and you had to predict
the master’s moves, and years later I actually started writing this column
myself! I’m still writing it, and I still really enjoy dissecting games of
really strong players to find out how and why they made moves. In fact I think
this is a sure-fire way to improve your chess – trying to understand the moves
of really strong players.

The course, which is aimed at club players rated anywhere
from about 1300 to 2200, has the advantage that the positions are not tactics
exercises where you know there’s a single winning move, but natural positions where
you have to decide on your strategy and play just as you would in your own game…
though Danny is of course on hand to explain why the grandmasters did what they

If you have any
questions on improving your chess this is a great opportunity to ask an expert, though you might also
want to ask about Danny’s encounters with the world’s top players or even his
guitar playing or why he speaks perfect German! 

To ask a question simply:

Danny is waiting for your questions!

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