‘One of the most aggressive openings against 1.d4’ – GM Edouard’s Benoni

In a brand new video series for chess24, GM Romain Edouard, a member of the French Olympic team and a former second of Veselin Topalov, offers you a full repertoire for one of the most dynamic replies to 1.d4: The Benoni Defence!

In his 4-hour, 11-chapter video series on the Benoni, which Edouard describes as “one of the most aggressive openings against 1.d4“, the Frenchman examines all the alternatives for Black after White’s 7th move. 

The Benoni has a somewhat dubious reputation at the very highest level, but as Edouard comments:

The Benoni is very much underestimated since modern players tend to follow the computer assessment too much. Very often, it gives White a small to significant advantage while the position is full of play and just very unclear for the human eye.

Edouard believes the Taimanov Attack (f4 and Bb5+) is the most critical variation in the opening. “But with precise play, Black can get a very playable position,” he notes.

Edouard concludes: 

The Benoni is full of resources – and contrary to most openings, you can definitely play for a win!

Play the Benoni is not the only recently released video series available in English for Premium members on chess24. FM Kamil Plichta released a series on how to tackle a tricky opening: Crush the Dutch with 2.Bg5.

Another recent addition is IM Sebastian Mihajlov’s Destroy the French, which has already received praise among chess24 users.

The video series are available for free for Premium members on chess24.

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