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Norway Chess has been rescheduled for September 7-18 after
the worsening pandemic situation in Norway and Europe made it impossible to
hold the super-tournament in May as planned. The 10-player line-up, 9 of whom
were already announced, is set to change, but World Chess Champion Magnus
Carlsen is a confirmed participant in what could be his final classical appearance
before he plays his 5th World Championship match in Dubai in November.

Altibox Norway
was one of the few super-tournaments that managed to go ahead in 2020
despite the pandemic. The field was cut to just six players, all with European
passports, and it was delayed until October, but the event was held
successfully, with Magnus Carlsen claiming his 3rd title ahead of Alireza
Firouzja and Levon Aronian.

The 9th
edition in 2021 was planned as a return to normal, with the event going back to
its usual place in the calendar (May 9-21) and back up to a 10-player field,
with global participants including Ding Liren and Wesley So.

Alas, the
new mutations of the coronavirus have led to a recent worsening of the situation
in Europe, with Norway Chess organizer Benedicte Westre Skog commenting:      

We were
prepared to organise the tournament in May as we managed to organise the
tournament in October 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. However, with closed
borders it becomes impossible to plan and go through with the event.

The new dates clash with the Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX in Saint
Louis, which is planned for September 7 – 10, while shortly after Norway Chess
we’ll have the Final of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, set to start in San
Francisco on September 25th. Check out our full and constantly changing 2021 Chess Calendar.  

cancellations and postponements

tournaments have also been cancelled or postponed. The GRENKE Chess Open will not be held
this Easter in Karlsruhe, Germany, with the organisers returning entrance fees
as they currently have no feasible alternative dates.

The 8-player Tepe
Sigeman & Co. Chess Tournament
planned for Malmo, Sweden from April 24 – 30
has also had to be postponed. The organisers say they’re looking into the
option of holding the tournament in August-October. If 12th World Chess
Champion Anatoly Karpov does still play he’ll be taking part in a serious classical
tournament against very strong opposition at the age of 70!

Magnus Carlsen plays Banter Blitz as the online action continues

That means
that for now most chess life is online, with the likes of MVL, Mamedyarov and
Rapport set to be involved in the European Online Club Cup starting tomorrow. 91 teams have registered, with the rapid tournament beginning
with a group stage. You’ll be able to watch all the games live on chess24: ABCDEFGHI.
There’s then a playoff before a 10-team round-robin to decide the title.

There’s also chess action that we can all get involved in,
with an incredible line-up of Banter Blitz here on chess24. Today we have
Harikrishna (17:00 CET) and Sam Shankland (19:00) before an incredible double-header on Saturday: Magnus Carlsen (16:30) and
Levon Aronian (18:00) – unfortunately Teimour Radjabov’s previously-announced show had to be cancelled.

They’re all be taking on chess24 premium members, so now’s a
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