Magnus claims epic Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour victory

Magnus Carlsen has won the tour with his
name on it after the 7th set decider against Hikaru Nakamura went all the way
to Armageddon. The World Chess Champion got the draw he needed with the black pieces to clinch
victory and described his emotions as, “a feeling of relief, but also massive
joy!” Magnus could dream of a comfortable day at the office after winning the
first game, but Hikaru hit back in Game 3 and then took the lead in the first
blitz game. Magnus said he was just “numb” and “so tired” at that point, but he
found a way to claw his way back and claim the title. (MORE LATER)

The final day of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour was every bit
as thrilling as what had gone before, with the final set going the distance
until Magnus got the draw he needed with Black in Armageddon (the player with
Black gets one less minute on the clock, but only needs to draw).

You can replay all the games using the selector below:

And here’s the day’s live commentary from Birthday Girl
Tania Sachdev, Yasser Seirawan and Peter Leko:


The victory meant that Magnus had clinched a 4:3 victory
after becoming the first player to win two days in a row in the final.

We’ll have full details of the final day later, but for now
here’s the last interview with the World Champion:

It’s not to be missed – here’s a teaser!

And here are Magnus’ celebratory tweets (Hikaru famously tweeted
back in 2013
, “Starting to realize I am the only person who is going to be
able to stop Sauron in the context of chess history”):

Magnus earlier commented on his opponent:

It’s extremely harsh on him. He played a great match and he
made it extremely difficult for me, so it’s rough, obviously!

Hikaru Nakamura takes home the $80,000 runners-up prize
after showing he was able to match Magnus all the way.

Come back later for more quotes and analysis!

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