Lines of attack! Member’s Game Analysis – Fer Broca (iChess Club)

iChess Club Member's Game

Our very first Club member’s game features a principled and attacking response to the tricky opening move 1.b4 (diagram).

NM Fer Broca looks at how Club member Louie is able to control White’s dangerous bishops before opening up his own lines of attack.

Black sacrifices the exchange to gain time before embarking on an instructive maneuver to eliminate a critical defensive piece.

iChess Club members can watch the full video on this page.

Want your game to be considered for future analysis videos? Club members can reply to any iChess Club email with their game PGN and details about when and where it was played, plus their approximate rating.

We will prioritize games with instructive value, so a mysterious loss or attacking game where you couldn’t quite find a way through are more likely to be picked than a crushing 12 move win.

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