Happy New Year from chess24!

A short note to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year and a healthy 2021.

While we are still in the pandemic, the New Year does bring with it a new sense of optimism and hope, especially when we build on all we’ve learned and experienced in 2020.

Last year, when normal chess life ground to a halt, we sprang into action to organise the most prestigious chess tournament ever held online, the Magnus Carlsen Invitational. That became the first event of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, which regularly matched or surpassed over-the-board tournaments in viewership and excitement.

The tournaments, and all the extra shows and events around them, were made possible by a herculean team effort, with people coming together round the clock from all corners of the world – all while coping with the new challenges of working from home.

The success of the first Champions Chess Tournament in November was highly encouraging. We’re incredibly grateful for all your support, and especially for that of our Premium members. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, so we hope you enjoyed watching the world’s best chess players in action as much as we did.

We look forward to more chess action in 2021 from the Champions Chess Tour, which guarantees monthly top-level action until the Grand Final in September. Remember to tune in and support your favourite GMs.

Happy New Year from all of us here at chess24!

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