Chessable Qualifier – an important spot in the Champions Chess Tour

This weekend seven grandmasters will battle it out on chess24 for a place on the Champions Chess Tour, the sequel to the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour. The $1.5 million tour begins in November and will feature the world’s top grandmasters, including the World Champion himself.

The Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour was a huge success and captured the imagination of chess fans around the world. Tens of millions watched, and the events were broadcasted on TV in seven countries.

The year-long Champions Chess Tour, however, will be even bigger. The tour has been extended and will consist of ten tournaments with the first one starting in November. The prize fund has also been increased from $1 million to $1.5 million. 

This weekend there is one golden ticket up for grabs, with seven top grandmasters battling it out in a two-day round-robin event on chess24.

The Chessable Qualifier includes all the group winners of the Banter Series, except Liem Quang Le, who already qualified by reaching the semi-final:

  • Two-time British Champion Gawain Jones
  • Former US Champion Sam Shankland
  • Eight-time Russian Champion Peter Svidler
  • German #2 Matthias Bluebaum 
  • India’s S.L. Narayanan
  • Three-time Azerbaijan Champion Rauf Mamedov
  • Russian youngster Grigoriy Oparin

You can follow the games live on chess24 with our own Jan Gustafsson and Laurent Fressinet.The seven players will play 7 rounds (6 games each): 

  • Saturday October 17 17:00 CEST: Round 1
  • Saturday October 17 18:00 CEST: Round 2
  • Saturday October 17 19:00 CEST: Round 3
  • Saturday October 17 20:00 CEST: Round 4
  • Sunday October 18 17:00 CEST: Round 5
  • Sunday October 18 18:00 CEST: Round 6
  • Sunday October 18 19:00 CEST: Round 7

If tied, the criteria are as follows:

  1. Direct encounter
  2. Number of wins
  3. Sonnenborn-Berger
  4. Koya System

Click on an evaluation or result below to go to the game:

You can follow the games live on chess24 with commentary by our own Jan Gustafsson and Laurent Fressinet. Don’t miss all the action here on chess24 from 17:00 CEST!

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