chess24 launches World of Chess on Kahoot! Academy

If you’re at school or a parent you’ve probably heard of Kahoot!, a learning platform based around interactive quizzes. Hundreds of millions of players around the world engage regularly for fun and to pick up new skills, and one of those skills is now chess. chess24’s “World of Chess” page on the Kahoot! Academy features 15 “kahoots”, interactive games where you can test yourself or others on chess basics, history, trivia and much more.

The chess24 Kahoot! Academy Premium partner page is a great place to direct beginners wanting to explore chess, with free games that can be played on the website or mobile app, both in a classroom setting or independently at home.

The partnership with Kahoot! Academy now makes chess accessible to a community of 8 million educators and hundreds of millions of learners. Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot!, commented:

At Kahoot!, we want to empower learners of all ages around the world, and chess is a game that brings people together across generations, cultures and geographies to celebrate what the brain can do. We’re excited to be joining forces with chess24 to inspire learners to challenge themselves, explore new skills and make learning awesome.

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen said:

I am happy that Kahoot! and chess24 are working together to share both the fun and enjoyment of chess as well as its rich history and culture with more people around the world, particularly young learners. I look forward to seeing many new and existing chess fans on the leaderboards of these new games.

Magnus Carlsen and the Play Magnus team have previously collaborated with DragonBox, a Kahoot! company, to create the Magnus Kingdom of Chess app for iOS and Android, helping kids ages 5 and up learn chess skills and unleash their cognitive potential.

Gerald Tan, CEO of chess24, added:

Inspired by Kahoot!’s passion for making learning engaging and high standards of quality, chess24 is proud to team up together to launch the World of Chess. We’re excited for all learners to play these fun and interactive games, crafted by our team of chess experts.

Check out the chess24 Kahoot! Academy Premium partner page today!

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