Carlsen & co. in Banter Series Finals action

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and 7 more of the world’s
Top 10 players are in action this week as the chess24 Banter Series Finals
begin Monday and end in a final on Sunday. All players must stream their
thoughts live as they play in this 16-player knockout, which includes 8
qualifiers who battled their way through mini-knockouts over the last three
weeks. The prize fund is $36,000, with $12,000 for 1st place, while the
qualifiers are also fighting for two places on the next Chess Tour. Today we
have Radjabov vs. Liem Quang Le and Wesley So vs. Sam Shankland.

The chess24 Banter Series Finals start today, Monday 21st
September, with 2019 World Cup winner Teimour
(Azerbaijan) taking on 2013 World Blitz Champion Liem Quang Le (Vietnam/USA) at 19:00
CEST followed by Wesley So
(Philippines/USA), fresh from victory in the St. Louis Rapid and Blitz, taking
on 2018 US Champion Sam Shankland

You can watch all the action live with computer analysis and the players’
streams on our chess24
Banter Series tournament page
. The homepage is an alternative
if you want to watch both streams side-by-side!

It’s a 16-player knockout with each match played as
best-of-ten 3+2 blitz games, so that a player needs 5.5 points to win. If a
match is tied, two more blitz games will be played, and if still tied we go to
Armageddon, where White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4 but a draw counts as a win
for the player with Black.

The full pairings tree looks as follows:

Carlsen (world no. 1), Caruana (2), MVL (5), Grischuk (6),
Aronian (7), So (8), Radjabov (9) and Giri (10) were all invited (as was Banter
Blitz Cup winner Alireza Firouzja, though an agreement couldn’t be reached for him
to play), while another 63 players competed in eight separate 8-player knockouts
for the chance to qualify. The winners were:

  • A) Sam Shankland
    beat Lance Henderson (5:0), Alan Pichot (6:4) & Nihal Sarin (4.5:3.5) | Replay
    the games
  • B) Liem Quang Le beat Lawrence
    Trent (5:2), Luis Supi (5.5:4.5) & Hans Niemann (5:1) | Replay
    the games
  • C) Rauf Mamedov beat Loek van Wely
    (5:1), Ray Robson (4.5:2.5) & Aryan Tari (4.5:1.5) | Replay
    the games
  • D) Narayanan S.L. beat Aleksandr
    Lenderman (4.5:3.5), Ivan Cheparinov (5:2) & Vincent Keymer (4.5:2.5) | Replay
    the games
  • E) Matthias Bluebaum beat Mykhaylo
    Oleksiyenko (4.5:0.5), Dariusz Swiercz (4.5:3.5) & Andrew Tang (5:2) | Replay
    the games
  • F) Grigoriy Oparin beat Hans Niemann
    (4.5:3.5), Nodirbek Abdusattorov (4.5:3.5) & Benjamin Bok (5:2) | Replay
    the games
  • G) Gawain Jones beat Jesper Thybo
    (5:3), Nils Grandelius (4.5:2.5) & Sanan Sjugirov (4.5:3.5) | Replay
    the games
  • H) Peter Svidler beat Pepe Cuenca
    (4.5:2.5), Mustafa Yilmaz (4.5:0.5) & Maxime Lagarde (4.5:3.5) | Replay
    the games

The matches will be scheduled at times that suit both
players, with the current schedule as follows:

  • Monday 21/09, 19:00 CEST: Teimour Radjabov vs Liem Quang Le
  • Monday 21/09, 21:00 CEST: Wesley So vs Sam Shankland 
  • Tuesday 22/09, 14:00 CEST: Levon Aronian vs Gawain Jones 
  • Tuesday 22/09, 16:00 CEST: Anish Giri vs Peter Svidler
  • Tuesday 22/09, 17:30 CEST: Magnus Carlsen vs S.L. Narayanan
  • Tuesday 22/09, 19:00 CEST: Alexander Grischuk vs Rauf Mamedov
  • Tuesday 22/09, 20:30 CEST: Fabiano Caruana vs Matthias Bluebaum
  • Wednesday 23/09, 19:00 CEST: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs Grigoriy Oparin 

As you can see, we have a “Super-Tuesday”,
with five matches and Carlsen, Caruana, Aronian, Grischuk, Giri and Svidler all in

All players earn at least €750. Losing quarterfinalists
get €1,500, semifinalists get €3,000, the runner-up gets €6,000 and the winner
earns €12,000. The stakes are high, and even higher for the qualifiers, who are
competing for two places in the next edition of our Chess Tour.

Don’t miss all the games live here on chess24!

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