Anish’s French Opening Clinic

World no. 10 Anish Giri is here to answer your questions on
the French Defense, 1.e4 e6, on which he recently published the Chessable
course, Lifetime Repertoires: French
. At 17 chapters, over 55,000 words and almost 12 hours of video, it’s
almost as epic as the trailers, and if you’re a chess24 premium member you can now
get advice from the man himself. The format is the same as Jan’s Opening Clinic
– simply leave a question in the comments below.

When a top player shares deep analysis of an opening there’s
always the fear that they’ll hold back because they want to be able to play any
new ideas in their own games, but in this case Dutch no. 1 Anish Giri has
side-stepped that problem (or has he!?) by playing an opening he’s barely played in a
decade! As with many players, Anish has a love-hate relationship with meeting
1.e4 with 1…e6:

Ian Nepomniachtchi currently leads the Candidates Tournament
after playing the French three times with Black, but even if most of his colleagues
are wary of playing it at the very highest level it’s perfect for club players
who want an aggressive but sound approach to 1.e4 that allows them to dictate
play early on. As Anish comments in a
free 13-minute introduction

What I really like personally about the French, as opposed
to many other 1.e4 weapons, is that it is not only correct but also very
compact. I think it’s very hard to combine these two and the French is one of
the few openings that does. It’s not that hard to learn…

You can find the full details of the course on Chessable:
Lifetime Repertoires: French Defense (if you hurry you can also catch the “Back to School Sale”!)

Anish hasn’t been holding back in promoting the course, with Paris
and his wife Sopiko Guramishvili starring in one video…

…while Anish has also perfected his accent in tribute to our
very own Laurent Fressinet:

If you want to see how the opening looks in practice, check
out Anish’s recent Banter Blitz here on chess24:

Anish is following in the hallowed footsteps of Jan
Gustafsson, who tackled the behemoth of e5 in his Lifetime Repertoires: Jan Gustafsson’s
1.e4 e5
. And now Anish is taking over Jan’s Opening Clinic, at least for one
week! The format is simple:

  1. Go Premium, if
    you’re not already (BANTERSERIES is currently the best code, giving 30% off!)  
  2. Post your question on the French Defense in the comments belowone per user,
    please, to give a chance to as many users as possible
  3. Sit back and enjoy the live show (exact time to be

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