Aimchess joins Play Magnus Group

Play Magnus Group, the parent company of chess24, Chessable and other leading chess brands, has today expanded by acquiring the chess training and analytics startup

Aimchess is a fast-growing chess analytics startup powered by AI that delivers personalized insights and training exercises based on users’ historical games. Aimchess offers free services to all users with a $7.99 monthly subscription upgrade for unlimited access to Aimchess’ insights and training tools. In the year since its launch, Aimchess has quickly grown its user base to over 100,000 registered users with consistent growth in monthly recurring revenue.

Andreas Thomes, CEO of the Play Magnus Group, commented:

We’ve had our eye on Aimchess since its inception and have been deeply impressed with the business and technical progress that founder Anton Gora has made.  Aimchess’ analytics platform will add valuable insights and recommendations to all of our users across the Play Magnus Group portfolio.

Anton Gora added:

I’m thrilled to bring Aimchess into Play Magnus Group’s incredible chess ecosystem. Joining forces with Play Magnus Group will allow Aimchess to expand its reach with the next generation of digital-native chess players.

As of late 2020 the Play Magnus Group has 3.5M registered users across its ecosystem and 44.3K average monthly paying users. Since launching in April 2020, Play Magnus Group’s Chess Tours have achieved over 100M live views on online streaming platforms, bringing chess to new and existing fans in innovative formats and broadcasts.

Play Magnus Group CEO Andreas Thome explained that one of the upcoming tour events will feature Aimchess: 

We believe Aimchess will rapidly grow in the coming years as we introduce the service to our users. We are excited to dedicate a tournament of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour to showcase the capabilities of Aimchess to a wider audience.

Play Magnus Group has acquired the assets of Aimchess with a combination of cash and shares and with additional incentives for the founder to continue growing the business.

Here at chess24 we’re thrilled to see how Aimchess develops and how it can complement the new chess24 Playzone and other projects that are being worked on non-stop behind the scenes.

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