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On November 15 at 21:00 CET, as part of the Real Madrid Foundation Charity Event, we are going to try to bring together hundreds of women from all over the world to play on chess24 against our users. Are you a woman and want to participate? Write to so we can explain the process. Are you a man and also want to participate? At 21:00 CET you can challenge! You just have to go to the usernames you see in this news item, challenge and wait to be accepted.

The chess24 team has always wanted to promote women in chess and since we only know how to think big, we came up with: Why not bring hundreds of women together in the same call while they play against users? And if we manage to do it once… who knows, why not repeat the event monthly?

Below you can see the usernames of the women who have already registered for the event. If you want to be one of them, write to for us to add you. If you want to play, try to challenge them and don’t forget to follow the live broadcast at this link!

Do you know any women who might be interested? No doubt yes! Age or level doesn’t matter, it only matters that you want to have a good time playing chess!

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