10 Sizzling Hot Sellers To Help You Play Chess Better

10 sizzling hot sellers to help you play chess better blogimage

Our November Chess Best Sellers

Everybody wants to play chess better and the desire to improve is a good desire to have.

Of course, caution is needed because there are a wealth of courses available to us today. How will you choose your next investment?

For this reason, a good way to decide is to look at what courses others are investing their hard-earned money in. Below is a selection of the ten best-sellers for November at your go-to supplier of exceptional training courses – iChess.net

To help you get even greater value all of these courses are at half-price.

10. How To Crush Higher Rated Opponents

GM Ben Finegold Bundle

If you are a beginner or intermediate player but tired of losing to higher rated opponents get this course and turn the tables on your opponents.

Numerous openings are covered in this course which both 1.e4 and 1.d4 players will find extremely helpful.

You will not only learn how to play against openings but which ones to play yourself. Anybody who plays the Sicilian Defense will enjoy the three chapters on how to crush the Anti-Sicilians.

Among the other topics covered are material imbalances, opposite colored bishops, and pieces and pawns in the endgame.

Get How To Crush Higher Rated Opponents with 50% off here.

9. ICC 33 Chess Concepts That Took Down World Champions

IM Christof Sielecki

This outstanding course teaches you how to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes without delay.

For one thing, there is very little more frustrating than knowing your opponent has played a bad move and you don’t know how to punish it.

For example, we all know “a knight on the rim is dim” but why is it a bad piece?

Similarly, you’ve been told having the bishop pair is an advantage so you work hard and manage to reach a position where you have two bishops against a bishop and knight or two knights.

All of your hard work secured you an advantage but having an advantage means little if you can’t use it to its fullest potential.

Along with taking advantage of the bishop pair, you will learn when to play h4 and g4, and much more. The title says it all – 33 concepts.

What people are saying about ICC Chess Concepts

new project

This is a very practical course full of wisdom to help you improve your results now. In a comparatively short period of time, you will play better chess.

Save 50% on ICC 33 Chess Concepts That Took Down World Champions.

8. King’s Gambit Mastermind

GM Marian Petrov

By all means, add a little romance to your opening repertoire. We’ll keep it our little secret.

The King’s Gambit is associated with the Romantic school of chess and players like Morphy, Anderssen and Staunton.

However, more recently Boris Spassky used the opening to defeat Bobby Fischer and Morozevich defeated Vishy Anand in 25 moves.

This proves the King’s Gambit is an old dog that still has some bite.

A key chapter in this course is the in-depth explanation of Anderssen’s “Immortal Game”. All the secrets of this great attacking game will be revealed making you a better, all-round attacking player.

Moreover, there’s no nicer way to play chess better than by improving your attacking skills.

GM Marian Petrov is a FIDE trainer and coach of Team Wales at the 2016 Baku Olympiad. You couldn’t ask for somebody more qualified to help you learn an opening.

Interested in the course? Get it 50% off.

7. Tactics Crash Course

IM Matt Kolosowski

This talented IM and presenter has produced many great chess courses including this gem on tactics.

He reveals the training secrets used by 2600 and 2700 rated grandmasters.

Furthermore, you will also learn how to

  • dramatically increase your pattern recognition
  • increase your speed at spotting tactics
  • set your opponent up in a position where you know there is a tactical shot
  • break down a tough defense
  • have greater confidence in your ability to navigate positions with lots of tactics

What People Are Saying About The Tactics Crash Course

new project 1

There is also a half-hour video of IM Kolosowski applying this information in his own games. Surely you can feel confident – if it works for an IM it is certain to work for you!

Get Tactics Crash Course at half-price.

6. The Full Beginners Chess Collection

GM Susan Polgar

A 13 volume chess course aimed specifically to teach beginners how to play chess better.

Included in the large amount of valuable knowledge this course provides, beginners will also learn the importance of understanding principles rather than memorizing opening lines.

This wisdom will help beginners long after they shed the beginner label. All too many club players still feel the only way to learn an opening is through memorizing long lines while paying too little attention to learning the ideas of the opening.

Not only will you learn the right way to study openings but you will be taught how to avoid the most common opening mistake.

What People Are Saying About The Complete Beginners Course

new project 2

In keeping with the theme of eliminating mistakes wouldn’t you find it useful to know the error almost every club player makes in the endgame?

Save 50% on The Full Beginners Chess Collection.

5. The London System 80/20 Tactics Multiplier

IM Eric Rosen

Seen as a quiet, safe choice by white players who chiefly want to avoid knowing lots of theory and side-step sharp lines, tactics come as a surprise in The London System.

Of course, knowing how to reach a safe and sound position from the opening is great but you will also need to know the tactical opportunities available to you if you want to convert your advantage.

This course provides you with an edge because it reveals the hidden dangers an unsuspecting opponent faces.

The London System – Im Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics]
Save 50% onThe London System – IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics]

While learning the tactics pay careful attention to the piece placement since piece placement in your games will help trigger your memory.

One of the great things about the 80/20 Tactics Multiplier series is you know the tactics relate specifically to the opening you have chosen. As a result, this is a big time-saver towards your goal to play chess better.

What People Are Saying About The 8020 London System Course

new project 3

Get The London System 80/20 Tactics Multiplier with 50% off.

4. Catalan Opening Workshop

GM Mikhail Marin, GM Petar Arnaudov, GM Boris Avrukh, and GM Grigor Grigorov

Essentially four chess courses in one bundle this opening workshop covers the essentials of:

  • Pawn structures typical of the Catalan
  • Common endgames in the Catalan
  • Typical Catalan Tactics
  • And Theoretical Trends

Learning how these essential elements fit together you will have the confidence to come up with a sound strategy in every phase of the game.

You will know which endgames favor you and which to avoid. In light of this, transitioning from the middlegame to the endgame is a whole lot easier.

Interested in this course? Get if at half-price.

3. The Alekhine Defense Deep Dive

GM Damian Lemos

This opening is great surprise weapon for you to unleash on your opponent.

Although a counterattacking, hypermodern opening the lines chosen by GM Lemos provide you with a rock-solid position to launch your attacks from.

dd the alekhine defense product image 1
The Alekhine Defense (Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos (50% off)

The course covers Sidelines, the Exchange Variation, the Classical Variation, and the Four Pawns Attack.

All the lines chosen for black have been proven in battle at the highest level. As a result, you will feel very confident about your opening preperation at the end of this course.

This opening provides you with a solid defense to 1. e4 while retaining chances to play for a win.

The common tactics and piece placement against all the main lines mean less time spent memorizing the opening theory.

Named after one of the greatest world chess champions ever the Alekhine Defense has also been used successfully by the current world champion Magnus Carlsen.

You can get The Alekhine Defense 50% off.

2. Accelerate Your Chess

GM Simon Williams aka the GingerGM

Building on his two very successful Master Method courses the GingerGM presents his next course aimed at helping intermediate and advanced players play chess better.

As with all his courses the GingerGM shares loads of practical advice you can use immediately to improve your game. This is more than understanding ideas though.

In this outstanding chess course you will not only learn the techniques but also the thought processes used by strong, titled players. Although the concepts might appear challenging at first they are clearly explained.

The numerous examples given combined with the repetition of the key techniques helps you to remember the wisdom being shared.

Accelerate your Chess is 50% off here.

1. Advancing Against The French Defense

GM Jesse Kraai

This is a repertoire based on The Advanced Variation of The French Defense which was a favored approach of the great Aaron Nimzovitch.

GM Kraai will teach you how to play chess better by making effective use of

  • the extra space
  • defend against attempts to break down your center
  • and to destroy a fortress.
advanced french defense jesse kraai ichess
Save 50% onAdvancing Against The French Defense – GM Jesse Kraai

After all, these are invaluable skills you can make use of in other openings and middlegames with either color.

What People Are Saying About The Advancing Against The French Course

reviewadvancing againstthefrench

“Best chess video I’ve seen! – I had a peak rating of 2326 USCF back in 1987, so I have some understanding of chess content. I have a high regard for GM Kraai as an instructor. He explains concepts and ideas, not just moves. This video is particularly good because GM Kraai is a French Defense player. The Advance French may not be considered the most challenging White response to the French, but it’s the most principled. The author’s discussion on the concept of space in chess is excellent.”

You will also learn why the great Bobby Fischer found the French Defense hard to crack and learn a better way to play against this solid defense.

Save 50% on Advancing Against The French Defense

In Conclusion

Our ten sizzling-hot best-sellers for November provided a good mix of chess courses for a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced players.

Take advantage of these amazing half-price special offers to avoid falling too far behind your opponents.

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